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The Burden of Abortion, Pro Life Essay - 437 Words

The Burden of Abortion, Pro Life In this world of war and struggle , the price of life has sky rocketed due to the selfishness of mankind. The obligations a woman is faced with throughout her life can be overwhelming, natural occurrences such as pregnancy and menstruation are no small worry, the kind of burden no male could ever imagine undergoing. The most heavily debated burden of women all across the world is the dreaded abortion. Each year, 46 million women worldwide experience an abortion, a fact that would make anyone sick to their stomach, bringing up the question, should abortion be legal? Reasons for having an abortion can vary, but it is clear that the woman is just not ready for children in their life. Worldwide, the†¦show more content†¦These are the questions woman who have an abortion deal with. When is the Fetus considered a life ? Most people would answer, when the heartbeat can be detected. Each day, an average of 120,000 abortions are performed, this fact does not state the age the fetus has attained of, making abortion seem ever more horrifying, to kill a life when it already develops heartbeat can almost be considered murder, questioning the law based right to have an abortion. It is true that 80 %of women feel a sense of relief and satisfaction soon after the abortion is performed, but does it matter to them that just a matter of minutes earlier, a human life had just been taken out of them ? The trauma that comes along with abortion is not as lasting as one might think, it is researched that giving up a child for an abortion is actually less traumatic than giving up a child for adoption, but should that fact be comfort to a female ? Does she not care about what has just occurred ? So many questions are asked about this topic, but the results lead nowhere, for it does not solve anything. Seeing the effects of abortion shows evermore that the operation should be silenced form hospitals everywhere. And a peasant cried out to god saying,please god, why dont you send us a saviour?and god answered,I did, but you aborted them. Bibliography: #65279;Armstrong, Bea. Politics and the Pill. Newsweek, 1990 Inc. volume 4 -Article # 24 Donahue, John J. Show MoreRelatedUndue Burden : Obstacles Against Women s Reproductive Rights971 Words   |  4 PagesUndue Burden: Obstacles Against Women’s Reproductive Rights Undue Burden: Obstacles Against Women’s Reproductive Rights The topic of women’s reproductive rights has become a major, controversial issue in today’s society. Grounded in a history of opposition for religious, political, and moral reasons, reproductive rights have only legally been around for a short period of history. Specifically, the landmark case Roe v. Wade was the major stride that this country took towards enforcing women’s reproductiveRead MoreA Look Into Abortion s History1322 Words   |  6 PagesA Look Into Abortion’s History Prior to 1970 abortions were illegal in the United States. It was then when the now popular Roe v. Wade case took place which saw the Supreme Court make any laws regarding the prevention of early-stage abortions unconstitutional. An abortion can be defined as an early termination of an unwanted pregnancy. As a topic of controversy there are many aspects of abortion that are constantly being debated. For example, moral and legal obligations, support from federal andRead MoreShould Abortion Be Legal?971 Words   |  4 Pagesyears now the topic of abortion has been very controversial and has indirectly split the country: Prolife and Pro choice. Pro-Life Arguments includes; abortions are immoral, causes psychological harm, and take away the opportunity for adoption for those who can’t conceive. On the other hand, pro-choice argues that the government shouldn’t be allowed to decide what a woman should do with her life/body and laws against this right is an invasion of pri vacy. The right to an abortion was given by the landmarkRead MoreAbortion Is A Murder Of Living Child1442 Words   |  6 PagesAbortion is the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus. Abortions have always been a controversial topic. Many people support abortions and many do not. Two groups named pro-life and pro-choice has been emerged due to controversies on abortion. Those people who come under the prolife completely deny abortion and think that abortion is a murder of living child. They believe that the unborn child also deserves to liveRead MoreThe Social Issue Of Abortion1522 Words   |  7 PagesThe purpose of this paper is to reflect on the social issue of abortion that was presented in the Daily Mail (Macrae, 2012), in response to a scientific article addressing before and after birth abortion (Gubilini Minerva, 2012). The paper will explore the views and disagreements about social aspect of abortion in respect to â€Å"subjects† of this discussion, the newborn and unborn. Loseke (2005) notes, â€Å"Social problems are about disagreements†¦ conditions, and they are about people in these conditions†Read MorePersuasive Essay On Abortion1028 Words   |  5 Pagesabout the topic that the government is intervening too much with abortion and it is the woman s choice. In my opinion, I think that it is the woman s choice to have an abortion if she chooses. In addition to that I don t believe that a woman should just keep having abortions over and over again because after the first time they should think of preventing it better with birth control or just not having intercourse. After the first abortion, I think that it should be slightly harder to get another oneRead MoreShould Abortion Be Legal?1052 Words   |  5 PagesAbortion is a personal matter and is a very sacred and sensitive topic. The deliberate termination of a human pregnancy is what we know o f as an abortion. Although abortion is considered to be immorally wrong to some people, it should be a fundamental right for women to control their own bodies. Abortions are one of the many things that everyone has an opinion on. It is one of the most controversial topics anyone will not agree upon. When abortion is discussed, people tend to assume one of two positions:Read MoreA Woman s Right For Abortion Essay1280 Words   |  6 PagesPosition Paper: A Woman’s Right to Abortion For centuries, a woman’s right to abortion has been argued. Individuals with pro-life and anti-abortion beliefs think abortion is murder. While others feel it to be a women’s moral right, a personal privacy right that has been implied in the United States Constitution. I strongly feel that a woman has the right to an abortion. However, the termination of a pregnancy is not something to be taken lightly, I believe the states should have some sort of regulationsRead MoreAbortion: Pro-Life or Pro-Choice Essay1130 Words   |  5 Pagesof abortion, there are many sides to be seen. Theres the pro-life side, which is the side that is against abortion. The next is the pro-choice side, which is the side that supports abortion. The two rival sides of this topic have a strong fire burning between them, making this one of the biggest political and moral debates of my lifetime. Whichever side you stand on, there are good arguments on either side. I personally am pro-choice. But loo k at the facts and see which side fits best. Pro-lifeRead More Pro-Life: The Opposite of Pro-Death Essay891 Words   |  4 PagesPro-Life: The Opposite of Pro-Death Careful attention to the truth has never been standard operating procedure for pro-abortion advocates. Therefore, it should not be any suprise that half-truths, and misrepresentations, and many outright lies have permeated the pro-abortion propaganda campaign. Pro-choice is just a phrase used by people who know the absurdity of legal abortions and infanticide. Pro-life advocates have a more simple and straight forward approach: Pro-life is not the

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